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Stream FYC with Roku
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The FYC app is available on Roku so you can easily enjoy streaming.  Please note: if by any chance you can not locate the screeners app

on Roku please search the keyword WBFYC.  The app is available to add to your channels, so you can stream it like Netflix or Hulu on the big screen.

Follow these steps to set up the FYC app and access content.

  1. From your home page, scroll down to the “search” option and select it.



  1. Use the Roku remote and search for WBFYC by typing in the letters W-B-F-Y-C or press and hold the  icon and say “search W-B-F-Y-C”.





  1. Warner Bros. has multiple screeners apps so make sure you get the correct one that says "FYC."

It should look like this:


  1. Once The FYC channel populates, select Add Channel.


  1. Once channel is added, select GO to Channel to access the login page.




  1. Once on the login page, input your FYC code in the designated area: ENTER LOGIN ID.



  1. You’re all set and ready to enjoy great content.


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